Sunday, April 16, 2017

Little Kids, BIG Adventures

Like having 3 kids ages 4 and under isn't it's own adventure! It is. A crazy one that often involves laughing or crying or screaming children covered in food or vomit or urine. You've been there, right? I'm not the only one?!

One of the reasons we love to be outside so much is that it doesn't matter if they are loud. It doesn't matter if they get dirty. It doesn't matter where they decide to pee (that tree looks fine to me!) And they love it, and so do I. I am a big believer that kids should have lots of time to play outside, explore, test their limits, and learn new things. Studies show time and again how important outdoor play is for our kids.

I really wanted to enroll my kids in some sort of scouts program because they seem so fun and I love the idea of finding like-minded families. Also, I think my kids would love the badges. That's just how they roll. Unfortunately, they are too little for any established program. We have an awesome nature preschool co-op we are a part of, but with summer fast approaching and knowing that we will also be homeschooling for a few years...I wanted to just do something fun. Things that we would probably be doing anyway, but will hopefully make ME be more intentional and present this summer and going into next year. I think this will help, because I love having a plan. And my kids love badges, did I mention that? 

So, I put together this little scout-like program for the littles. I have a newborn, a 2 year old and a 4 year old.

Full disclaimer: I did not make any of these badges or the bags. I did not write any of the books I will mention. Many of the activities are pulled from other blogs (thank you google). I'll have links! I'm calling it "Adventure Seekers". I know there are other groups using this name, but I'm not affiliated with any of them. I just like the sound of it and BONUS, I found a badge on Etsy that says just that.

Mostly this blog is just to document what we do, store resources, and post memories so that I can replicate this all again for kids further down the line. Enjoy!

P.S. My son has taken to calling me "Squirrel" and calling my husband "Mr. Fox". We're just rolling with it. 

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